e assim, termina mais um feriado prolongado... a letra do blur (parklife, 1994) abaixo é uma perfeita tradução desse fim de semana super. se vc não entende inglês, vale à pena catar o dicionário pra traduzir. é mto divertida.

Bank Holiday

Grandma has got new dentures
To eat the crust on pizza
Been taken out by her daughter
Because she thought she ought'a
The kids are eating snickers
Because they're so delicious
Then there's sticky fingers
And mother looses her knickers

Bank holiday comes six times a year
Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers!
Bank holiday comes with a six pack of beer
....then its back to work a.g.a.i.n.

Bar-b-que is cooking
Sausages and chicken
The patio is buzzing
The neighbours they are looking
John is down the fun pub
Drinking lots of lager
Girls and boys are on the game
All the high streets look the same

ouvindo bank holiday, blur.

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